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Services and Fees 

Please Note: Due to the relative ease with which reports can be prepared for properties that are obviously exceptionally well maintained, I may be willing to offer additional discounts for such exceptionally well maintained properties.  Advertised specials, if any, still apply.

Also note that reporting is more generalized for common defects in properties that are in a serious state of disrepair (e.g., "about half of the windows were broken"; rather than: "the left sash of the S window in the NW bedroom and the N window in the kitchen ... {going on to list each broken window sash} ... were broken.").  I'll be happy to itemize every defect found in such a "run-down" property upon request, but reserve the right to charge up to an additional 50% for a complete itemization of such defects in the Full Report in such instances, to be determined upon arrival at the property.

Please note that the Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view sample reports.   The Adobe Acrobat reader could be downloaded at no charge at the time this web site was published.  Just do a search for "download adobe acrobat reader", and find the version appropriate for your system.

Full inspection and report. A thorough, comprehensive, computer printed report, including photos of significant photographable findings for which a photo or photos can be particularly helpful. Report may also include helpful schematics or examples of proper work where improper work is observed.   Samples of reports can be found at the following links: single family report    Commercial Office Report    Apartment Building Report  Condo Report

Potential “deal-breakers” (such as structural problems or a dangerous level of carbon monoxide from the furnace) can be reported separately so people don't need to go through a full report to get to key negotiating points, a sample of which can be viewed at this link:   Main Issues Report  

Alternatively, such issues can be sent to an agent via text message during the course of the inspection.  A fee schedule for the cost of a full inspection and report of typical buildings is provided below. 

Home Warranty / New Home Inspection. An inspection that is done prior to the expiration of a home warranty or prior to purchase of a completed new home to determine if any defects are present that may be covered by the home warranty or need to be corrected prior to purchase of the newly-constructed home. This inspection typically includes cosmetic construction defects that would not be mentioned in a typical pre-purchase inspection of a "used" home that would be expected to be cosmetically imperfect. Items pertinent to the warranty are reported, with pictures of items where possible or useful.  There is typically no checklist of good items, as most of the house is expected to be in good condition.  A sample report can be viewed at this link:   Home Warranty Report

Item Inspection. An inspection of a particular feature or features of the building, such as the electrical system, plumbing, or foundation, with a brief report that may include photos produced at the end of the inspection. Priced by quote, depending upon the complexity of the situation, analysis required, and location of the property (to compensate for driving time).

Radon Testing.  Please note that 2 radon sample collectors need to be left on the property for 48 to 96 hours to get proper results.  Therefore, radon testing requires a 4 business day turnaround time with overnight mailing and next day “rush” lab analysis.   The rate is typically $140, or $95 if included with a full inspection.

Mold, Asbestos and other Environmental Sample Testing.  I also offer testing of environmental samples for mold content, asbestos, etc.  The cost of such sampling depends upon the lab fees, which depend upon the number of samples, turn-around time, and nature of the analysis, typically ranging from $70 for for the inspection itself and $60 for the first tape lift mold sample, with a lesser cost for additional samples.  Costs are similar for other physical samples, but depend upon the lab rates at the time.  Please note that I no longer offer lead testing of paint chips due to recent lead inspection certification requirements in Michigan.

Repair Cost Estimates.  I can also do estimates of the approximate costs of repairs of defects that are reported.  The cost varies, depending upon the size of the property, its general condition, and the level of detail required for the estimates.  This is typically reported in Adobe PDF and editable (as actual contracts come in) Microsoft Excel formats.  A sample repair cost estimate spreadsheet can be found here:  Repair Cost Estimate

Other Inspection and Reporting Options. I can also do quick, "run-through" inspections at a lower cost for investors or people who want a house inspected before placing an offer or bid (especially out-of-town investors) that may include photos, repair cost estimates, etc. I also do inspections of intermediate stages of construction of a new home to make sure the house is being built in the best way for you, before it is too late to make changes without incurring a great expense. Prices depend upon the services required. Any possibility can be arranged. Call for a quote.

Please note: "Townhouse Condo" and "Apartment-Style Condo" inspections at the prices stated below do not include a thorough inspection of features that are typically association-maintained for such units (i.e., exterior of townhouse condos; exterior, hallways, common mechanical systems, etc. for apartment-style condos), which is why they are priced lower than regular home inspections.  Intermediate pricing may apply to properties with intermediate characteristics.

Only general observations and notations of obvious serious problems of association-maintained features are included in condo reports.  If one desires a thorough report of all such features, the inspection may be priced as a regular home inspection at inspector's discretion.  Please call if you have any questions.

Please note: an additional fee may be added for buildings with crawl space foundations  that are entered, due to inspections of such areas being typically very time consuming and the likelihood of many issues in those areas.  The typical additional charge is $50 for a crawl space of about 1000 sq. ft. of area and about 3ft of clearance. A lesser charge may apply to an easily navigable crawl space (e.g., a small area, high clearance, or lined and very tidy).

Additional charges  may also apply to properties with unusual characteristics, such as large out-buildings,  or single-family homes with multiple heating and cooling units or kitchens.

Discounts may apply for inspections of more than one property located nearby or along a route due to reduced travel time and administrative overhead.

Service and Fee Schedule
Full inspection and Report

Single-family 1-story house up to 800 sq.ft. of living space or equivalent 1-unit commercial building
Full inspection and Report

Single-family house from 800 to 1499 sq.ft. of living space or equivalent 1-unit commercial building
Full inspection and Report

Single-family house from 1500 to 2499 sq.ft. of living space or equivalent 1-unit commercial building
Full inspection and Report

Single-family house from 2500 to 3499 sq.ft. of living space or equivalent 1-unit commercial building
Full inspection and Report

Single-family house from 3500 to 4,999 sq.ft. of living space or equivalent 1-unit commercial building
Full inspection and Report

By Quote
Single-family house with 5,000 sq.ft. or more of living space or equivalent 1-unit commercial building
Additional Units, 2 to 4 Unit Properties

$50 to $60
Typical rates per additional unit, depending upon characteristics such as separate heating, water heat, and electrical systems
Full inspection and Report, Multi-Family or Commercial Buildings Exceeding 4  Units

By Quote
Pricing depends upon the size, number of units, services required, and number of buildings, if a multiple building complex
Full inspection and Report, Townhouse Condo up to 1500 sq.ft.

House-like attached condo, with own HVAC units.  Rate does not include thorough inspection of features maintained by the condo association.
Full inspection and Report, Apartment-style Condo up to 1200 sq.ft.

One level apartment-like condo, which typically has heating, cooling, and water heat provided by the association, and not thoroughly inspected. 
Rate does not include thorough inspection of features maintained by the condo association.
Home Warranty or Completed New Home, Deficiencies Only Reporting

Typical rates for a building of about 3000 sq.ft. of living space.   Brief descriptions of observed deficiencies are reported, as most systems are expected
to be new and in good condition otherwise, aside from wear and tear caused by occupants for a home warranty inspection, which is not reported.
Major Systems (e.g., "4-Point" or "5-Point") Inspections

About 50% of Full Inspection (typical)
Typically includes inspection and reporting of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roof, and/or structural/foundation systems.
Rate depends on services, reporting, and travel required. 
Crawl Spaces (Additional Charge)

$50 (typical)
Typical additional charge for a crawl space foundation of about 1000 sq.ft. and typical clearance of about 3ft. 
Lesser charges may apply for crawls spaces that are easily navigable, such as above average clearance, lined, concrete floor, small area, etc.
Quick "Run Through" Inspection

$70 to $90 (typical)
Rate depends upon travel and services required.  Lower rates may apply to multiple properties along a route.
Repair Estimate spreadsheet (additional charge with inspection)

$40 to $60 (typical)
Rate depends upon the building characteristics.
Repair Progress Inspection

$60 to $120 (typical)
Rate depends upon travel and services required, typically higher for initial inspections and lower for ongoing situation updates.
Project Management Services

By Quote
Fees depend on services required.  May require a retainer.  Hourly rates verified by picture time stamps or text message exchanges can be arranged. 
Expert Witness Services

By Quote
Fees depend on services required, including court or Zoom appearance fees.  May require a retainer.
Radon Inspection

$140 or $95 with full inspection
Analysis of 2 radon collectors to be left on site for 48 to 96 hours.  Please allow 4 business day turnaround time.
Item Inspection

$70 to $100 (typical for one system)
Inspection of one or more systems, such as the foundation or roof.  Rate is typically lesser for additional systems if more than one.
Please note that I am not a licensed electrician, plumber, or heating and cooling (HVAC) technician, and as such cannot typically
provide city certification services for such systems.
Mold, Asbestos, or Other Environmental Sampling

$70 plus costs per sample
Inspection fee is waived if included with full inspection.  Typical cost per mold surface sample is $60 for the first
and $40 for each additional sample.   Charges for analysis depend upon the lab analysis rates.